Handmade Jewelry

Beautiful. Locally made. Affordable.  

We have a selection of beautifully crafted handmade artisan jewelry available for purchase in the salon. These pieces make wonderful gifts -- whether they're for your loved ones or little treat for yourself.


A jewelry collective that features brass, gold, ceramic, and bead work. These earrings, rings and necklaces are both earthy and delicate, a some of which display understated diamonds and lovely bead work. Each piece is unique and inspiring. 

Jaelle Designs

These designs combine natural cut earthy stones and delicate brass and gold. Each of these pieces are one of a kind. Customization is available by request.

The Cutting [& coloring] Edge

Keep it FRESH

Here at Waterstone Salon we like to keep our talented stylists up to date on the latest cutting and coloring trends. Education is the key to keeping up with what's going on in our industry. We provide ongoing education for our stylist to keep their technique from going stale. From Balayage with Wella's Freelights to Bumble & bumble's Scissor Skills course where we learn the hottest cutting techniques. We are first to the start when it comes to the newest color trends; sand art pastel hair, warms tortoiseshell browns, and naturally sunkissed balayaged ends. We believe that if you are not learning, you're dying -- and we want to live forever! 

On August 17th we will be learning how to make a classic long layered style even better. A good haircut can shorten your daily routine and help you go longer in between cuts, saving you time and money. Our stylists are committed to staying ahead of the trend and keeping your hair look and feel it's best.  
Next month we will be learning how to use the new Magma by Blondor. Check out our MAGMA blog post for more information on this awesome Wella product.

We are here to bring you the latest and the greatest in hair technique. Take a look at some of our most recent work.

Special on Eyelash Extensions!

Book your eyelash extensions this summer and get a free luxury gift! 

Get luxe size samples of Surf Shampoo and Conditioner, Hairdressers Invisible Oil, and a few other goodies inside of the SURF CLUTCH, made from wet suit material perfect for the beach! 



Mosquito season is upon us!

Mosquito season is upon us, so here are some ways to defend your skin without harming your body...

You may be surprised to learn that certain foods can make us more attractive to mosquitoes. Some of these foods include beer and alcohol and ice cream -- some of the most appealing items to consume on these hot summer days!  Here are 9 foods that attract mosquitoes...

and then there's DEET...

DEET is one of many harmful chemicals present in insect repellent. And, let's face it, when you spend and hour getting ready for a lovely summer garden party, dousing yourself with stinky insect repellents feels like your backtracking. In comes Intelligent Nutrients to save the day...these organic insect repellents smell like heaven and keep you protected without all of the harmful ingredients and harsh chemicals. It is light enough to wear daily and won't harsh your pretty. Intelligent Nutrients leaves you feeling lovely and clean.

This product is also safe for use on children. As a parent it can be tough to decide between harsh chemicals or allergic reactions -- with intelligent nutrients the choice is easy. 

Intelligent Nutrients is available for purchase in the salon. Swing by and try them out!

Let your (H)air dry...

We are excited to introduce the new Bumble and Bumble air dry product Don't Blow It.

Don't Blow It (H)air Styler, a first-of-its-kind air-dry creme, brings the best out of hair's natural texture, adds bounce and then vanishes without a trace (of product). Just a dollop makes hair more predictable, giving air-driers the confidence to go (almost) au naturel on days off from heat or high maintenance coifs. Rake a dab through clean, damp hair, scrunch or twist – and go.